About Easy Press

Easy Press is a small publisher/printer located in the Wallingford area of Seattle, Washington operated by Erik and Christine Schneider Gutierrez. We focus on comics, art prints and illustration zines.

We print almost entirely on a Risograph MZ990 Digital Duplicator. Risograph printing a unique printing process best explained by other people. We currently stock black, blue, green, yellow, bright red and mahogany inks.

Easy Press does this as a labor of love. We want to meet artists in the area, work with them on a project, and make something at the end that we're all proud of. We want to show you the printing process and have you over to help make your books. We only charge for the materials we use plus a small labor fee if we are doing most of the work. Depending on the project, we might ask for a couple of the items to sell on our own and at events as "payment".

If that sounds like something you would be into, send us an email with a brief overview of the project.

In addition to publishing, we put together Token, an event in Chicago that brings together local artists, record labels, and game makers to exhibit their work.